Lars Pryds in MAP OF THE NEW ART, Venice Italy, from 1 September

In the current climate of arrested utopias, attacks on cultural heritage, assaults on imagination and knowledge, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton’s global art project, comes to Venice to propose an art without borders that breaks the silence, goes beyond differences, pushes forward civilization.

The exhibition MAP OF THE NEW ART includes collections from more than 40 nations and native peoples representing the five continents: 10×12 cm artworks by 6930 artists. On exhibition, Imago Mundi collections of Algeria, the Kalahari Bushmen, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi (AFRICA); Brazil, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, the United States and Indigenous Native Americans (AMERICAS); Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Jordan, North Korea, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Tibet (ASIA); Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (EUROPE); the Aboriginal artists of Australia (OCEANIA).

The exhibition wil be shown at Fondazione Giorgio Cini on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy from 1st September to 1st November, 2015.

I’ll be there!
And yes – among Denmark’s 160 artists in the exhibition, you will find – me. Below is my spread in the catalogue – showing my collage (front and back!) alongside basic info. Other Danish artists include Åse Højer and Henrik Bøegh, in whose Spanish studio I’ve just had the pleasure of spending a full week brushing up on that good old intaglio feeling.

Lars Pryds’ entry in the catalogue – the title of the work is “BCN–CPH”, 2014. Painting/collage on paper, 10×12 cm.


"Denmark: Constructions. Contemporary Artists from Denmark" – the catalog/book for the exhibition of Danish participation to the "Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection". Lars Pryds, Aase Højer and Henrik Bøegh all from Østerbro/Kunst2100 are three of the 146 Danish artists in the collection. Exhibition will be open in Fondazione Giorgio Cini 1. September - 1. November 2015.Venizia, Italy. Photo: Lars Pryds
Aase Højer’s entry in the catalogue.


Henrik Bøegh is one of 160 Danish artists in the Imago Mundo Denmark collection.


The cover of the catalogue for the Danish Collection – available from the website


Lars Pryds: “BCN–CPH”, 2014. Painting/collage on paper, 12x10 cm. Luciano Benetton Collection.
Lars Pryds: “BCN–CPH”, 2014. Painting/collage on paper, 12×10 cm. Luciano Benetton Collection.