Tolstrup Pryds Grafisk Tegnestue

TPG or Tolstrup Pryds Graphics (in Danish: Tolstrup Pryds Grafisk Tegnestue) is the husbond+wife company of designer, art critic and journalist Lisbeth Tolstrup and graphic artist and designer Lars Pryds, established in 1988. We work both individually and together on varied assignments. We specialize in editorial design, art criticism and exhibition management and love to work with people who are passionate about what they do, but at the same time open for dialogue. We have also designed books, posters, magazines as well as corporate identities and the odd brochure for a single show or event. No job too small or too big – as long as you enter into the dialogue.

Our publishing company originally started out as Scribble, changed its name sometime back in the 1990ies to the same as the studio – Tolstrup Pryds Graphics – and recently to Forlaget på tredje (Danish for Publishers on the third floor) for the Pages … book. Over the years we have published other artists’ catalogues as well as our own.

See our TPG website at – or feel free to contact us for more info.
Lars: or Lisbeth:

Lars Pryds and Lisbeth Tolstrup in the studio. Photo: Torben Stroyer.