I write about art exhibitions in Kunstavisen – usually one or two reviews/articles for each issue. My intention for this pro bono work is to relate to art shows that I find great, good, or simply interesting – so very little of what I write here is negative – I simply don’t want to waste my time on bad stuff. Articles from Kunstavisen are posted under the Kunstavisen category.

I write about design, typography, graphics, photography and much more in SNDS Magazine, of which I am the editor in chief and art director. I redesigned the magazine, published quarterly by the Society for News Design Scandinavia, in 2006 when I became its art director. I have been editor since 2010, with my wife Lisbeth as co-editor. The magazine is a great opportunity to promote great news design in Scandinavia as well as share ideas and experience with design professionals in the rest of the world. Recent issues of SNDS Magazine are available as free e-magazines on snds.org

I write about other stuff I find interesting on my own blog here on pryds.com – including recommendations of other artists’ exhibitions, good books, observations of quirky design details and a lot more. Here, I will also post much of the writings I do for the two above. Quick little silly things sometimes find their way to my Facebook page, but that hardly qualifies as writing; it’s more like a way to let the world see I’m alive.