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SNDS Magazine no. 4 has hit the streets

There’s a lot of great stuff in this year’s last SNDS Magazine, which has just been published on the snds.org website and is on its way (in hard copy) to members and subscribers.

We have great photos from SNDS and SND workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in Cleveland, Ohio. We also look at paid for news on the web; at infographics that unite the world; the results from Poynter’s iPad Eyetrack research; the recently redesigned USA Today; and the new exciting possibilities in the SNDS competition. And much more!

SNDS Magazine 2, 2012

Yet another issue of SNDS Magazine has landed in the mailboxes of SNDS members and loyal subscribers. We’re lucky to have no less than the World’s best portrait on the cover this time – Lærke Posselt’s winning entry in this year’s World Press Photo competition.

The occasion? Lærke is one of the speakers at this year’s SNDS seminar and workshop “SPACE_2012” which will take place in Copenhagen 27-29 September. We have a lot of pages in the magazine announcing the seminar – so see what’s coming. It is already possible to sign up for the seminar at this time – simply go to snds.org

There are other great things in the mag – see for yourself in the e-mag version below, or order your printed copy by joining as a member at snds.org/member