Feb 13

Get your funny fonts!

Quite a few years have passed since I created this animated advertisement for the first edition of the TolleOne font. TolleOne has been updated (with a couple of new styles and OpenType format) and a handful of other fonts added to the collection – see for yourself at pryds.com/type or click the “FONTS” link in the menu above.

Jun 12

New fonts added to Myfonts.com

Two new fonts – TPG SquareFace and TPG PrydsPensel  have been added to my library on Myfonts.com – so now I have a whopping six font families with a total of 21 fonts for sale! It almost looks like a collection!

If you prefer to buy from fonts.com, itcfonts.com or linotype.com, the fonts are on their way to these sellers, too.

Here’s a quick preview of the new members:

TPG SquareSpace – a square, monospaced font developed for the SNDS Space_2012 seminar and workshop in Copenhagen in September 2012.

TPG PrydsPensel – a loose brush font created just for the fun of it.