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SNDS Magazine no. 4 has hit the streets

There’s a lot of great stuff in this year’s last SNDS Magazine, which has just been published on the snds.org website and is on its way (in hard copy) to members and subscribers.

We have great photos from SNDS and SND workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in Cleveland, Ohio. We also look at paid for news on the web; at infographics that unite the world; the results from Poynter’s iPad Eyetrack research; the recently redesigned USA Today; and the new exciting possibilities in the SNDS competition. And much more!

SNDS and SND workshops 2012

With just a fortnight between them, SNDS and SND hosted their annual workshop and seminar. The Scandinavian one – “SPACE_2012” – in Copenhagen, and the international one in Cleveland, SNDCLE. Both featured international renowned speakers and the presentation of the awards for best news design in, respectively, Scandinavia and the World. We will be covering both in the next issue of SNDS Magazine, out early December. If you have any input from either of these workshops you would like to share in print in a glossy magazine, please let me know – I’m collecting everything from great photos and crazy discoveries to clever quotes and your favourite speaker session (and why was it?). Please send me an email at pryds@mac.com

Many attendees tweeted and posted images and during the conferences (try hashtags #space2012 and #sndcle). From Cleveland, the best coverage was probably delivered by Svenåke Boström, who blogged from the conference at bostromsblogg.wordpress.com – with a few photos of mine 🙂

The image below is the basic screen of the award show in Copenhagen – blown up on the most wonderful (and biggest) screen I have ever seen, in the Black Diamond.

Best of Scandinavian News Design 2012