Jan 14

Are you the best designed?

It’s now time to enter this year’s news design competition, organized by SNDS, Society for News Design Scandinavia. Find out more on www.snds.org or in the brochure with rules and entry forms below. The competition is open for digital and printed content published in 2013. Deadline for submitting your work is January 27, 2014.

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Sep 13

The right to be wrong

Editorial from SNDS Magazine no. 3, 2013

“Take the date line off a newspaper and it becomes an exotic surrealist poem”
– Marshall McLuhan, 1970*

SNDSmag3-2013_coverWelcome to another issue of SNDS Magazine, the last before we all go wrong. The theme of this year’s SNDS conference is an easy target for all kinds of word puns – but this, we promise, will be our last.

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Jun 13

Yesterday’s newspaper

A very special book landed on my doorstep yesterday, entitled “De krant van gisteren” – Dutch for “Yesterday’s newspaper”.

I will not hesitate to actually call it unique – in both form and content. It’s a book that, across 128 pages, shows us what you can do with your old newspaper, once you’ve finished reading it.

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Apr 13

Håndarbejde Nu nomineret for design

Et opslag i tidsskriftet Håndarbejde Nu er nomineret i årets danske magasindesign-konkurrence, MDID No 03, der arrangeres af Foreningen for Magasindesignere i Danmark.

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Apr 13

Berlingske iPad – og grafik

Berlingske Aften er Berlingskes klokken 17-udgave – unikt indhold, kun på iPad’en. Dr. Mario R. García, som er verdens formentlig største kapacitet inden for nyhedsdesign, har netop kigget nærmere på iPad-app’en på sin The Mario Blog, og synes blandt andet, at app’en har den rette kombination af nyhedspræg og en mere tilbagelænet billedbåret fortællestil.

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Mar 13

VG’s great children’s drawing cover

VG-110313-forside-Barnehagen800Five years ago, at the SNDS Copenhagen Crash seminar, the Norwegian newspaper VG‘s editor-in-chief Torry Pedersen told the audience that at VG they didn’t really care much about design, with a cacophony of different typefaces in the paper as a result.

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